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LINKS recruitment know all too well the power of a happy workforce. Our specialist team of recruitment experts work with our candidates to achieve ultimate job satisfaction.
As your recruitment specialist, we help you with every aspect of your career journey. Finding your next Permanent or Temporary contract could not be easier.

Temporary Contract

Expect the highest standards of respect. Trust us to not only pay you on time… but pay you exactly what you’ve earned (which is guaranteed to be National Living Wage or above.).

It might be a temporary contract where you go to work, but as far as we’re concerned – joining LINKS makes you part of our extended team. We have a fine tuned induction process to get you ready for any new job and will be here for you 24-7, if you need us… you can call us.

If you need temporary employment but want to work with a good employer, get the ball rolling by giving our friendly resourcing team a call today.

CV Writing

Your CV is the initial door opener in the recruitment process. It is ‘make or break’ when it comes to matching you with a role… or not. There are endless guides online which offer a step-by-step guide to building a CV – but here’s the top tips that we live and breathe by at LINKS:

  • Check your details - is your phone number and email address up to date and correct? It doesn’t matter how great your CV is, if the employer can’t contact you… there’ll be no moving to the next stage.

  • Use grammar and spell check - there’s no excuse for endless spelling mistakes in a world where we have a computer to spell check for us.

  • Spot the gaps - don’t assume that you’ll be given the opportunity to explain any gaps in employment at interview stage, because gaps in employment might be a barrier to your application being progressed. Instead, address these gaps head-on with a short explanation in your CV.

  • Match your skills - review what the job role is looking for and highlight the skills and experience that will demonstrate the best fit. This might mean having a few different versions of your CV on file, but it is a good investment of time.

  • Stand out - include a short personal statement about yourself that helps to convey why you would be better for the role than anyone else. Even better, why not capture this on video and send as a short (no longer than one minute) file alongside your standard CV?

Interview tips

Making it through the initial CV screening stage is a great result. So, after you’ve taken a moment to reflect and feel proud of your achievement… take a few more to make sure you’re 100% prepared for the next stage… the interview.

In the world of modern technology, don’t be surprised (or put off) if you’re asked to complete a video interview. It’s for no other reason than to make the recruitment process quicker and easier (which might mean getting into a role much sooner).

Whether it’s on video, via Skype or a traditional face-to-face, following these tips will help you to deliver your best interview:

  • Sharpen up - being presentable is key. Smart clothes, tidy hair and polished shoes go a long way to making an excellent first impression.

  • Be on time - being late to your interview is not the best way to showcase your potential timekeeping skills for a new job (arriving 15 minutes before the scheduled time is a good target). Double check where the interview location is ahead of the date and make sure you know how you will travel. If time allows, do a trial run so you feel comfortable with the route.

  • Know your CV - this will often be the basis for an interview discussion, so practise talking around the headlines in more detail – this is especially important if there are any employment gaps you may be asked to explain.

  • Do your research - familiarise yourself with the company and the role. Showing that you’re informed about the business is a positive, but you may also be asked what you already know… having some basic facts at the ready will help you to stand out.

  • Ask questions - aside from the fact this is your opportunity to learn more about the role and the potential place of work, asking meaningful questions about the business and future development prospects will demonstrate genuine interest.

  • Turn your phone off - the last thing you want is a dodgy ring tone going off mid-interview… turn your phone off before you enter the interview building and don’t turn it on again until you’ve left. This will help keep you focused and demonstrate that you are not likely to be distracted by your mobile phone in work.

  • Don’t be afraid - you’ve made it this far, so try to see any nerves as excitement about being invited to interview. It’s a two way process for you to get to know the potential employer too – they are only human, just like you, so there’s really nothing to be worried about.

We have earned our reputation as a go-to recruitment specialist. Why? Simply put, we care

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